Limbic System Impairment

Neuroplasticity and brain rewiring

The limbic system is a set of structures in the brain involved in behavioural and emotional reactions, especially our survival fight or flight responses. When the limbic system becomes impaired the brain becomes stuck in an unconscious flight or fight pattern that changes hormones, chemicals and neurotransmitters in the body.  This results in a heightened chronic stress response that may affect many systems of the brain and body.  Cognitive function, sensory perception (sensitivities to smell, taste, sound, light), emotional regulation, detoxification, absorption of nutrients or cellular communication can all become compromised.

There are many different types of traumas on the body that can cause limbic system impairment. These may be physical injury, mould or chemical exposure, infections (viral or bacterial), emotional stress (from childhood or present day life experiences) or psychological trauma (like divorce or the sudden death of a loved one).  

Symptoms may include chronic inflammation, poor memory, brain fog, digestion issues, lowered energy levels, numerous sensitivities (e.g. to chemicals, noise or light), chronic pain, and a host of other ailments. Functions such as detoxification, absorption of nutrients or cellular communication can also become compromised.

Regardless what the trigger was which may have led to limbic system impairment, addressing it is a key component in the recovery process and is often overlooked.  When the unconscious stress response is rehabilitated the body can regain the building blocks that are needed for healing.

There are many programmes designed to utilise the power of neuroplasticity and address Limbic System Impairment to rebalance the brain-body connection.

As the brain is the control centre, when it is working functionally, the body has the opportunity to function optimally as well.


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