Detox Programme and Coaching

This 30 day programme guides you from start to finish through a 14 day functional medicine detox. With the one-on-one help of an Integrative Health Practitioner you will learn exactly what to do when, which supplements to take to get the best results and how to integrate what you have learnt into day to day life after the detox.


What is a Functional Medicine Detox?

A functional medicine detox aims to revitalise the systems of the body that are responsible for toxin removal, inflammation, metabolism, water retention, bloating and fat burning.  It will help remove underlying toxicities while replacing nutrient deficiencies allowing your body to rebalance. Improvements in your metabolism, weight, mood, sleep and energy levels are likely to be seen as the body is rejuvenated and toxins are eliminated.

What do you get?

  • 4 x 45 minute weekly one-on-one sessions giving you support and guiding you through each stage of the programme 

  • All practitioner recommended nutritional supplements aimed at enhancing detoxification pathways and replacing nutrient deficiencies           (RRP £169.15)

  • Programme instructions

  • A food list, shopping guide and sample recipies

  • A5 workbook where you can set goals and record your progress

What is involved?

  • Dietary elimination of key allergens and inflammatory foods for 14 days

  • Supplementation to enhance elimination and detoxification processes

  • Lifestyle changes are encouraged such as increased sleep and reduced stress

  • (Optional) three days of liquid only- juices and soups are allowed. This gives the digestive system a rest and activates autophagy, the natural method by which your body cleans out damaged cells and toxins, helping you regenerate newer, healthier cells.




Why is a Functional Medicine Detox important?

Every day our bodies are exposed to toxins, from the air we breathe to what we eat and touch. We come in contact with hundreds of manmade chemicals on a daily basis; flame retardants, pesticides, BPA, preservatives, pharmaceuticals as well as natural toxins such as bacteria and viruses. Our body processes and eliminates these toxins but it needs the right vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to do so. A modern day western diet is often lacking in nutrients and most people suffer from a weak digestive system, therefore the body can’t break down all the nutrients needed for proper detoxification and elimination. A functional medicine detox uses a targeted food plan and scientifically researched nutritional supplements to help cleanse the body and improve vitamin and mineral absorption. This allows mitochondrial and immune system function to improve, enhanced cellular health and often weight loss as your body eliminates stored toxins.


This is for you if:

-You want to learn how to improve your health and immunity
-You want to and are willing to make changes in your lifestyle
-You want improved health or suffer from gut issues, joint pain, fatigue, headaches, bloating, brain fog, acid reflux, allergies or struggle to loose weight


Group Detox

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Will I be restricted in what I can eat?

Although some key allergenic and inflammatory foods are eliminated during the programme you will not be restricted in the amount of healthy nutritious foods that you can eat.

Is this a quick fix weight loss detox?

No. You may loose weight as a side effect of stored toxins and swelling being released but this is not the ultimate aim. The goal is to improve your health, improve antioxidant status, eliminate toxins and make lifelong changes in your lifestyle that will see your health flourish both immediately and long term.

Will I have to buy lots of extra things over the month?

All nutritional supplements are included. You will need to buy your food for the month and you will be encouraged to choose healthier alternatives and organic where possible.

Can my family do the detox alongside me?

Absolutely! The changes you will be implementing can improve the health of your whole family. They can follow the same diet plan as you easily and if you want to purchase an additional supplement package you can do so for £169.15.