Health Coaching

Having monthly support will give you the tools and guidance to help you achieve your personal wellness goals. These goals may be to improve immunity, reduce fatigue, overcome chronic illness or rebalance your weight. Working one on one with an Integrative Health Practitioner gives you individual support to help you achieve the best results possible. 

Some example of areas worked on are:

-Improving Immunity –Weight loss –Fatigue reduction -Detox

It is recommended that a minimum of three months of coaching is undertaken to allow changes to be implemented within your life.

Your 3 Month Health Coaching Package will include:

  • 60 minute health intake, assessment and goal setting

  • 40 minute 1-on-1 coaching session every two weeks

  • A personalised wellness plan with individual nutritional, exercise, stress reduction and lifestyle recommendations. This will be individually tailored to you and adjusted throughout the programme as required.

  • Personalised supplement plan with dosing

  • Healthy shopping list guide, example meal templates, detox protocols

  • Mindset and emotional support

  • Access to discounted supplements

  • Unlimited email support

​* Does not include the cost of nutritional supplements, food, or any other products recommended.

 £125 per month


Detox Programme

This 30 day programme guides you from start to finish through a 14 day functional medicine detox. With the one-on-one help of an Integrative Health Practitioner you will learn exactly what to do when, which supplements to take to get the best results and how to integrate what you have learnt into day to day life after the detox.

  • 4 x 45 minute weekly one-on-one sessions giving you support and guiding you through each stage of the programme 

  • All practitioner recommended nutritional supplements aimed at enhancing detoxification pathways and replacing nutrient deficiencies           (RRP £169.15)

  • Programme instructions

  • A food list, shopping guide and sample recipies

  • A5 workbook where you can set goals and record your progress